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Vanishing Oil, Lubricants

  • Evap Lube 6460
    $17.89 Choose Options Evap Lube 6460
    Chlorine Based :General purpose "Evaporative Lubricant" for light to Medium duty forming of all metals. Virtually Requires no post cleaning and No post heat treatment.Ideal to bend or stamp painted stock. Has less odor than...

  • EvapLube 2200
    $16.79 Choose Options EvapLube 2200
    Evaplube 2200 Is A Professional Lubricant Oil For Metalworking  Strippable Coatings present you with the Evaplube 2200, a light-duty solvent-based lubricant vanishing oil with excellent cooling and release properties...

  • EvapLube 2231
    $27.29 Choose Options EvapLube 2231
      Evap-Lube 2231 is designed exclusively for a vacuum or thermal de-oiling process. The drawing lubricant is formulated to vaporize with heat from the formed Aluminum heat exchanger parts. This feature eliminates...

  • EvapLube 2240
    $16.94 Choose Options EvapLube 2240
    Light to Medium Duty Vanishing Film Lubricant sample price only.

  • EvapLube 3010
    $20.06 Choose Options EvapLube 3010
    Vanishing Oil Evap-Lube 3010 is designed for use where a “Thermal Degreasing vanishing oil” is required. 3010 is a premium quality, high performance, clear, low viscosity metal working fluid. 3010 evaporates...

  • EvapLube 9500
    $23.09 Choose Options EvapLube 9500
    Vanishing Lubricant , Vanishing Oil and evaporative oil-Light Duty        Engineered exclusively for Aluminum, Copper, Copper alloys and Steel Copper/Brass Light duty vanishing...

  • EvapLube 9860
    $29.35 Choose Options EvapLube 9860
    Evaplube 9860 leaves behind virtually no residue or odor.  It can be easily cleaned by acid or base cleaner and is ideal where rapid drying is required.   9860 is designed primarily for use in light to...

  • Gendraw 2231
    $26.60 Choose Options Gendraw 2231
    Extra Heavy duty Synthetic lubricant For deep drawing, stamping, blanking, tube forming, roll forming.Dilute with water

  • Gendraw 3590
    $40.43 Choose Options Gendraw 3590
    an oil free, heavy duty stamping and drawing lubricant.3590 leaves a protective monomolecular film on formed parts that protects against tarnish. Typical parts formed with GENDRAW 3590 are copper and brass radiator headers...

  • Gendraw 3970
    $40.43 Choose Options Gendraw 3970
    Extra Heavy Duty Synthetic Lubricant for deep drawing, stamping, blanking, tube forming, roll forming. Dilute with water.   Click Here to View Technical Data...

  • Rolube 6001
    $21.40 Choose Options Rolube 6001
    ROLLING MILL LUBRICANT Click Here to View Technical Data Sheet