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Ship Building

  • Bilge Clean 9770
    $14.50 Choose Options Bilge Clean 9770
    BilgeClean 9770 cleans and deodorizers; but doesn't permit pumping the contents overboard if it contains fuel or oil. It has a pleasant lemon odor. Bilgeclean 9770 contains hydrogen peroxide to assist in both cleaning and...

  • BoatProtect 1680
    $30.00 Choose Options BoatProtect 1680
    BoatProtect 1680 is engineered to protect various surfaces on yachts and boats during construction, storage and transportation.  BoatProtect 1680 protects against minor abrasion and staining

  • Metal Protect 5000
    $39.95 Choose Options Metal Protect 5000
    Water Based Clear Peelable Coating: For Shipping, Storage and transit , Strippable excellent water and corrosion resistant water based Peelable coating to protect parts from rust and damage . Low viscosity for air assisted...

  • Shipprotect 1100
    $30.00 Choose Options Shipprotect 1100
    ShiProtect 1100 is a water based, water resistant, heat resistant, strippable and peelable coating for ship and boat construction. Shipprotect 1100 is meant for cold climates: Application Temperature range: 35F to...