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Construction - Home Remodeling

Window Glass, Non Porous frames and Doors, Shower stall , whirl pool and Bath Tub

  • FloorPeel 2510
    $32.00 FloorPeel 2510
    For rough open surface  a much higher viscosity coating 2510 should be used. This coating can be applied with a roller or a trowel. The paste viscosity of this coating will bridge over open pores in the concrete and the...

  • FloorPeel Black
    $27.95 Choose Options FloorPeel Black
    Temporary Protective Black Strippable Coating used for floors such as photographic studios

  • High Temp Coating 4880
    $45.95 Choose Options High Temp Coating 4880
    General Chemical's high temperature protective peelable coating cures to form a contour-hugging skin tight protective film on metals, glass or ceramics. This film is extremely useful in protecting items from overspray, dirt,...

  • Marbleshield 4580
    $31.95 Choose Options Marbleshield 4580
    Marbleshield 4580 is a temporary protective peelable coating for marble and granite.

  • PeelStrip 4870
    $23.99 PeelStrip 4870
    COATING REMOVER Click here to view Safety Data Sheets

  • Stripaway 5980
    $33.95 Choose Options Stripaway 5980
    Stripaway 5980 is a temporary protective coating and strippable coating for equipments such as scissor lifts, elevators, and furniture. Stripaway 5980 is also a great product for FINISHED wood applications and for...

  • TubCoat 2630
    TubCoat 2630
    TUBCOAT 2630 - Low-Cost Optimum Protection and a 2 pack system. For a solution that does not require a lubricating agent, consider TubCoat 9350. TUBCOAT 2630 is water based transparent blue peelable coating...

  • Tubcoat 9350
    Tubcoat 9350
    TUBCOAT 9350 is superior coating system that does not require a lubrication or release agent and adheres to most surfaces.  For a more affordable 2 pack solution, please consider TubCoat 2630 TUBCOAT 9350 is...

  • Windocoat 4880
    $30.99 Choose Options Windocoat 4880
    Windocoat 4880 is a blue tinted temporary peelalbe coating which protects windows and primed wood window frames during the manufacturing and construction process. This product is for warmer climates. 4930 can be ordered for...

  • Windocoat 4930
    $30.75 Choose Options Windocoat 4930
    Windocoat 4930 is a clear water resistant temporary protective peelable coating for window glass, non porous or finished wood frame. This product is recommended to be used over 4880 if the climate is much colder during...

  • Windocoat Doorshield 5980
    $33.95 Choose Options Windocoat Doorshield 5980
    WindOcoat 5980 can be used in cold as well as hot weather conditions – 35 to 100F . WindOcoat 5980 is all purpose and can be used on plastic, painted and primed wood and glass.