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Temporary protective masking compounds and for boat and ship building applications in the Marine Industry

  • Bilge Clean 9770
    $15.23 Choose Options Bilge Clean 9770
    BilgeClean 9770 cleans and deodorizers; but doesn't permit pumping the contents overboard if it contains fuel or oil. It has a pleasant lemon odor. Bilgeclean 9770 contains hydrogen peroxide to assist in both cleaning and...

  • BoatProtect 1680
    $31.50 Choose Options BoatProtect 1680
    Protect Your Boat And Yacht From Abrasions And Stains  Keep your boat or yacht clean and in excellent condition with the premium quality Boat Protect 1680 by Strippable Coatings.  This boat protectant will cover...

  • OxyPolish 3000
    $28.93 Choose Options OxyPolish 3000
    OxyPolish 3000 is a mild abrasive metal polishing compound and metal polish developed to remove water stains and oxidation from ALL METAL surfaces and other unpainted surfaces with a minimal amount of rubbing. OxyPolish...