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Auto Body Shop

  • Boothcoat 2810
    $32.95 Choose Options Boothcoat 2810
    General Chemical's Boothcoat 2810 is a temporary clear peelable coating for paint spray-booth walls, ceilings, floors and other surfaces where paint over spray accumulation must be readily removed...

  • Boothcoat 5140
    $29.00 Choose Options Boothcoat 5140
    Here’s How To Keep Your Paint Booth Walls, Floors & Lighting Fixtures Clean & Healthy!  Are you worried about your paint booth walls & floors getting covered with stubborn paint or enamel stains?...

  • Boothcoat 5201
    $29.99 Choose Options Boothcoat 5201
    The #1 Water-Based Paint Is Brought To You by General Chemical Corp, To Make The Centerpiece of Your Paint Booth Maintenance Kit!  Looking to keep your paint booth walls, windows, lighting fixtures & floors safe...

  • Floorpeel 1820
    $28.00 Choose Options Floorpeel 1820
    FloorPeel 1820 is a temporary protective floor strippable coating and floor peelable coating formulated for epoxy floor maintenance of auto body shop paint spray booths. It protects floors from build-up of inks, spray track...

  • Floorpeel 4000
    $29.99 Choose Options Floorpeel 4000
    Clear Temporary Protective Strippable Coating For Industrial floors with Heavy traffic

  • High Temp Coating 4880
    $45.95 Choose Options High Temp Coating 4880
    General Chemical's high temperature protective peelable coating cures to form a contour-hugging skin tight protective film on metals, glass or ceramics. This film is extremely useful in protecting items from overspray, dirt,...

  • PeelKleer 1830
    $22.95 Choose Options PeelKleer 1830
    General Chemical's Peelkleer 1830 is a CLEAR water removable or strippable coating.  Temporary protective coatings such as 1830 for various application such as Auto Body shop Paint booth, paint booth windows and paint...

  • PeelKleer 2880
    $34.95 Choose Options PeelKleer 2880
    Peelkleer Overspray Masking Liquid-Dry is a water-based sprayable masking liquid designed toDry to a non-tacky film. The dried film protects vehicle surfaces from automotive primer and paintOverspray, while trapping dust and...